Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Style in Learning

learn: to gain knowledge or understanding of or skill in by study , insturuction, or experience
How I learn is not only what I am, but it is who I am. It is what creates me.

Prepare yourself. You are about to read an epic blog post. I was assigned to analyse my scores on both the 'Anthony Gregorc Learning Styles Test' and the 'Gardner Multiple Intelligences Test.' To begin, I shall write about the Gregorc assessment, one which I felt did not reflect my peronality or learning style not one bit. In the test, you are scored as either Concrete Sequential, Abstract Random, Concrete Random, or Abstract Sequential. Neither of these, in my oinion, represents me. Nobody knows more about me than me. Not some Gregorc weirdo guy. Not a teacher. But me. I will admit to you that I did score significantly higher on the Abstract Sequential area than any other. But when I saw the results on the back age, I had to think, 'This is not me.' Yes, I am the 'smart kid' in the class. I sometimes can be the 'teacher's pet.' But that is not my entire life. That is not what represents me. Only those who see me from the outside think of me as an 'Abstract Sequential' kind of guy. But those who see me from the inside understand that I am not just books, essays, and a walking dictionary. And I am also not any of the other categories of the test. What describes me is merely, 'Charles.'

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Beginning

Salutations, and welcome to 'Into the Light,' created for the ROGATE course at Northern Burlington Conuty Regional Middle School. I was instructed to introduce myself through a post about me. I'll try not to bore you with a novel about me. But I probably will anyway.

They call me Charles, an Old English name meaning 'warrior.' I am, in my mind, a warrior, but not the 'fight evil!' warrior. This type of warrior cannot be put into words. You will discover my definition of 'warrior as we move through the year, and you will also discover what 'Into the Light' means.