Sunday, October 5, 2014

Passion Project Update #1

The past few weeks have been pretty productive as far as passion projects go. My project is on fantasy literature and consists of research, analysation, and creation. Lately I have been working on the "research" stage of the project.

I first researched a few terms regarding fantasy literature, such as "phoenix," "fairy," and "magician." I found some fascinating information out, including that the phoenix is actually a representation of the Christian religion, that there IS a difference between fairies and faeries, and that people think that wizards and witches once existed but were all killed. This is just the beginning of my newfound knowledge.

While researching, I discovered that several theories have developed about the existence of such creatures and people, particularly fairies/faeries. So I decided to survey the class about if THEY have any belief in such things. Most of the answers were, as expected, "_____ does not exist and never will exist." While I know that these things don't exist, I'm still curious as to why people are so sudden to say this. Why does absolutely no one believe in this? Isn't it kind of fun to think about whether or not somewhere, dragons are hiding far away? Do 14 year olds nowadays have no imagination?

I did get one "it will be possible in the future." for belief in magic as a whole. This is something that I think COULD happen, not necessarily will happen. With the way technology is progressing, there could be something that makes supernatural events occur in the future.

I was also amazed that so many people believe in spirits and ghosts. I just don't get how someone could believe in spirits and ghosts but not even consider magic. Personally, I believe that ghosts exist, but are not truly the souls of the people they take the form of. They're really demons attempting to lure people towards the devil through their pasts.

Speaking of demons, I was also surprised that absolutely no one believed in modern witchcraft, like wicca, occultism, or satanism. Clearly these people can do something extraordinary, but the difference is that they cannot do everyday magic we see in Harry Potter, but they can inflict harm on others using demons. I thought at least one other person knew that modern witchcraft is completely legitimate.

Next, I'm going to finish my research, using the survey results, and read some fantasy stories. And then I'll try to write some of my own.

And, just to end this post on a good note......


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  1. Charles, I am very impressed by both the thoroughness of this post and the awesome progress you've made in just two days. I hope you're proud of yourself. This is such an interesting and unique topic, I can't wait to learn more from you.