Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Horrors of 2012

     For me, the year of two thousand and twelve has been both a blessing and a curse. As I reflect on the events that have occurred over the past few months, I frown and smile at what comes to mind. I began the year as a sixth grader with wonders and worries about what was soon to come. The thought of middle school, the thoughts of what may soon happen, both lingered in my mind. They approached me at unknown moments, crawled over my thoughts like a spider. Now that thought stares me in the eye once more. Was last year only a passing fly in the vast universe of time? Was it truly worth it?

     What have we done in 2012? As stated before, this was truly both a blessing and a curse. I accomplished tasks that I never believed that I could do before, I overcame many of my fears, and I suffered a terrible tragedy that brought my family together as well as bringing sadness and grief to our path. So, did I learn anything from these experiences. I learned that I am a powerful person and that I can overcome most obstacles that stand in my path.

    Allow me to begin with stating the news. Hurricane Sandy was probably one of the largest news headlines since 9/11. The devastating storm struck the eastern coast of the United States of America for several days and several nights. I dwell on the edges of New Jersey, almost considered a Pennsylvanian. The storm did not hit us very harshly, but just a few miles away was a whole other world, literally. Destructed houses, trees falling atop vehicles, and the death of people, animals, and plants lingered beside the peaceful village of Springfield. Miles away was a place full of my largest fears, my worst enemies, and horrors larger than I could imagine. Now it is a thing of the past, however, dead like the many that passed because of th terrible storm.

      Funny how things occur like that. Do you recall when the only thing that anyone ever talked about was Rebecca Black's single, 'Friday?' Remember when people actually liked 'Twilight?' Hard to believe, huh? These things were what we call fads, or trends, some bigger than others, some only lasting a few days. (i.e., Gangnam Style) However, I do not think that some things will fade away. Compared to the devastating news stories of the past year, these viral music videos seem silly, even mocking the fact that there is terror in the world. How outrageous, even to me as a child, to see this type of media!

      Ugh, I'm going off-topic. Anyways, my second news headline will be the attacks in Connecticut. If you didn't hear, which you should have, more than twenty children and several adults were killed at an elementary school recently. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these stories are truly what our year was focused on. I don't blame the people who cannot find a sense of joy because of the terrorists, but I must say that this is yet another example of the horrors of 2012.

     Positive, you ask? Not in my dictionary at the moment. In the midst of all this happening, my family lost a very important family member this past year. We really loved her, and I believe that that has effected my mood the past few months. Although I 'forgot about it' the thought still lingered in my mind. I tried to cover up my emotions by acting differently, but I soon realised that no matter what, I would never forget about my grandmother's death. This, my lords and ladies, is what I learned in 2012. That through all the troubles in the world, there will always be a light. When we suffered this tragedy, the light guided me, and the light led me to to extraordinary things as the year wrapped up.

     November. If you are a novelist I just typed a word which meant, 'Hooray....oh my goodness what am I going to do!?!?!' If you are a regular person you just thought, 'Hey, thats when we get all the pie!' Its NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month by the Office of Letters and Light. This is what I mean by extraordinary. In November I wrote a novel of fifty-thousand words, two hundred pages. It was difficult, but I persevered and felt that this was my breakthrough for 2012. The time when all began to look like it was sunshine and unicorns, and the only thing that could stop me was the world ending on December twenty-first. But it didn't.

      New Year's Resolutions? Bah! Below is what I think about New Year's Resolutions:

      Basically this means that plenty of people have resolutions and never stick with them. If they happen to remember by the end of the year, there is about two days left to lose forty pounds. What do you do then, mister? I will probably not have an official list of resolutions, because I think that what needs to be resolved is something that shouldn't come just because it is a new year. It should be resolved because you WANT it to be resolved. Only eight percent of Americans fulfill their New Year's resolution. The ninety-two percent left are now ashamed at themselves because they didn't make the cut. Twenty-five percent of those people fail in the first few weeks. Which leads me to believe that New Year's resolutions are pointless. A goal, perhaps, is a better idea than a resolution, for it will not haunt you like a resolution and it will not give you guilt. When you're standing in line at WaWa you won't be thinking, 'Aw, shoot, I didn't do my New Year's resolution!' A goal can be reset like a computer, but once a New Year's resolution is failed, there is no way out. You fall through the gates of guilt.

      I apologise for my negative perspective on the matter, but the truth must be told. Hopefully the new year will bring new things, such as happiness. But for now we are ensnared in the world of 2012, the world of the past. 


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