Friday, January 3, 2014

Progress, Advancement, Breakthroughs, Growth, Headway, Improvement, Increase, you know what I mean...

Passion Project:

A'right. Here we go.

I think that on my project, I've made much more progress than last year, as I've actually gotten some things done rather than waiting until the last minute. Now that there's a few weeks left, I just have to film a few scenes from the screenplay and all of my goals will be complete. YAY!

In the past weeks, I have achieved a lot. I have done so much better than last year! My screenplay is coming along well, I just need to get the actual filming done. I think I'll save most of that for the second semester. 

As for obstacles, I have definitely had my share of writer's block. My screenplay is actually going to be the first episode of a TV series called "Extraordinary." I have had a lot of trouble trying to stick to the original ideas that I had and make them even better. My characters have interesting personalities, which I'm quite proud of. I'm anticipating that I'll have some more obstacles to overcome, such as getting actors. However, my sister is in the high school's drama department, so I will use some of her friends for it, since the cast of characters is mainly high school.

I ended up making a poster sort of thing for the show. I think that in the end, as the title says, this show will be extraordinary. Oh my gosh, that was so cheesy.

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